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January Cuttings

What a windy time we have had in the last 6 months !
Boating is a wonderful distress but wind can cause even the most calm person to become unsettled.
Crabbing along the canal is not the type of recreation anyone would choose.
Mooring up with a lovely warm fire and a good book is the best type of winter cruising on a windy day!


November Cuttings

What a long autumn with some tree bare of leaves and other hanging on to green leaves.
Please check your smoke and Co 2 alarms now we are lighting stoves and heating.
Do not be tempted to cover your fresh air vents they are their to save your life if the cabin fills with Co2 or gas.
The old trick of a blanket over your legs maybe strange in todays centrally heated boxes but it is a wonderfully cosy way to enjoy the evening.


October cuttings

The autumn leaves are becoming ever more vibrant and the evenings longer.
We are all needing our stoves and heating on and it is time to check those Co2 and smoke alarms.
Every year there are tales of loss and heartbreak when a functioning alarm could have been a life saver.
Enjoy the wonder of autumn


Autumn cuttings

At the end of August and the countryside is already starting to show signs of Autumn.
This is a fabulous time to cruise, the evenings can be warm and the sunsets amazing.
The opportunity to forage can increase your larder.
Thoughts of evenings reading in front of a roaring fire which produce that overwhelming feeling of relaxation after the busy summer adventures.


Summer cuttings

The meteorological summer has arrived with the advent of June and the days are long and warm.
Soon will be the longest day and a wonderful time for late evening cruising.
One of my favourite things to do on a warm evening is sitting on the deck and watching the bats diving around in the moon light is a lovely treat.
Happy cruising


May cuttings

Now I am back from my holiday on the Macclesfield canal I can only eulogize about the beauty of the Peak district.
It is a wonderful experience to travel the length of this beautiful canal with views of the Peaks around every corner.
The a joining Peak forest canal into Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth basin is something to savour.
This trip we decided to investigate a little further afield and caught the bus from High Lane into Stockport.
This town has some lovely old buildings sadly often spoilt by 1970-80s architecture near by.


April cuttings

Here comes summer!
The show season is starting with the Braunston Share Show on the 22nd and 23rd of April.
Why not pop along to take a look at some shared boats and talk to their owners.
The three shared ownership management companies will all be there to welcome you to the shared ownership way of boating.
Each company offers something different one of which is certain to suit your needs.


March cuttings

Officially spring is here.
Enquiries for shares are increasing, our syndicates are out cruising.
The canals are still very quiet you can often cruise all day with only an occasional boat n view.
With central heating and a lovely solid fuel dove on board cruising can be very nice.


February cuttings

It is with excitement that our owners go aboard after upgrade s during the winter maintenance.
My boat being no exception, we have had a bathroom make over taking out the old corner bath and adding a walk in shower.
Tomorrow will be the day our syndicate see the changes!